5:30 Eucharistic Ministers' Rota
23 Jun 2018 - 22 September 2018

Date Ministers
Jun 23 Bergin (M), Burnett (D), Farrell (P), Colleen (Z), Clare (L)
Jun 30 Law (M), Littlewood (L), Livesey (P), Marten (R), Scott (H)
Jul 07 Bergin (M), Taylor (A), Taylor (T), Taylor (J), Taylor (R)
Jul 14 Burnett (D), Farrell (P), Law (M), Colleen (Z), Clare (L)
Jul 21 Littlewood (L), Livesey (P), Marten (R), Scott (H), Taylor (A)
Jul 28 Bergin (M), Burnett (D), Taylor (T), Taylor (J), Taylor (R)
Aug 04 Farrell (P), Law (M), Littlewood (L), Colleen (Z), Clare (L)
Aug 11 Livesey (P), Marten (R), Scott (H), Taylor (A), Taylor (T)
Aug 18 Bergin (M), Burnett (D), Taylor (J), Taylor (R), Clare (L)
Aug 25 Farrell (P), Law (M), Littlewood (L), Livesey (P), Colleen (Z)
Sep 01 Marten (R), Scott (H), Taylor (A), Taylor (T), Taylor (J)
Sep 08 Bergin (M), Burnett (D), Taylor (R), Colleen (Z), Clare (L)
Sep 15 Farrell (P), Law (M), Littlewood (L), Livesey (P), Marten (R)
Sep 22 Scott (H), Taylor (A), Taylor (T), Taylor (J), Taylor (R)

If you are unavailable on a particular date please contact another person on the rota to swap or cover your slot.

Should you wish to leave the rota please phone Julie Hindmarch on 440 8408

Last published: 23 Jun 2018

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