8:30 Welcoming Rota
9 Sep 2018 - 06 January 2019

Date Welcomers
Sep 09 Breen (E), Glynn (C)
Sep 16 Brooks Family
Sep 23 Kelly (E), Gorton (C)
Sep 30 Breen (E), Miller (A)
Oct 07 Roddy Family
Oct 14 Glynn (C), Gorton (C)
Oct 21 Brooks Family
Oct 28 Kelly (E), Miller (A)
Nov 04 Roddy Family
Nov 11 Breen (E), Glynn (C)
Nov 18 Brooks Family
Nov 25 Kelly (E), Gorton (C)
Dec 02 Breen (E), Miller (A)
Dec 09 Roddy Family
Dec 16 Brooks Family
Dec 23 Glynn (C), Gorton (C)
Dec 30 Kelly (E), Miller (A)
Jan 06 Roddy Family

If you are unavailable on a particular date please contact another person on the rota to swap or cover your slot.

Should you wish to leave the rota please phone E. Hart on 971 4176

Last published: 9 Sep 2018

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