10:30 Readers Rota
9 Dec 2018 - 10 March 2019

Date First Reading Second Reading
Dec 09 Best (F) Bird (C)
Dec 16 Cameron (C) Cooke (K)
Dec 23 Lochery (S) Lynch (P)
Dec 30 Hindmarch (J) Lynch (J)
Jan 06 Miller (M) Monaghan (J)
Jan 13 Newsome (P) Norris (F)
Jan 20 Silcock (B) Whitehead (B)
Jan 27 Bird (C) Best (F)
Feb 03 Cooke (K) Cameron (C)
Feb 10 Lochery (S) Hindmarch (J)
Feb 17 Lynch (J) Lynch (P)
Feb 24 Monaghan (J) Miller (M)
Mar 03 Norris (F) Newsome (P)
Mar 10 Whitehead (B) Silcock (B)

If you are unavailable on a particular date please contact another person on the rota to swap or cover your slot.

Should you wish to leave the rota please phone Helen Cameron on 485 5369

Last published: 9 Dec 2018

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